South African Online shopping websites

The latest study from Effective Measure released, shows its latest research on the South African eCommerce sector, which showed that,, and are the most popular online commerce sites in the country.

Effective Measure is a leading provider of digital audience, brand and advertising and released new research. South African eCommerce report represents the first detailed demographic and sentiment based report across online and mobile usage, in the accelerating local digital retailing sector.

“South Africa’s digital citizens are very comfortable with online transactions,” “With 73.76% of South Africa’s online shoppers using the Internet to make banking transactions and over one third using their mobile for online banking there is a huge opportunity for the development of online commerce across all platforms,” said Effective Measure Country MD South Africa, Alan Morrissey.


“South African loyalty to local products and services represents a huge boost for the economy, marketers need to retain this momentum as global e-tailersaggressively enter the South African market” 


The following list of items gives an overview of what South Africans purchase online.

    Tickets for shows or sport events – 43.61%
    Travel Tickets: Bus, Train, Flights, Boat – 43.48%
    Books – 42.17%
    Hotel Reservations – 36.01%
    DVDs, Videos, Music (CD, K7, MP3′s) – 33.96%
    Software – 24.74%
    Holiday package -23.13%
    Flowers / Gifts – 18.28%
    Toys and games – 14.54%
    Computers -11.87%
    Health and Beauty Products – 11.54%
    Clothes and accessories – 10.69%
    PC or Console Video games – 9.91%
    Food – 9.54%
    Domain names, hosting services – 8.95%
    Ringtones, games or Icons for Mobile phones -8.75%
    Cars, Motorbikes, Bicycles – 8.39%
    Mass market electronics: TV, Radios, Mobile, HiFi – 8.09%
    Sport shoes, Sport Clothes – 5.68%
    Real Estate / Property – 4.91%
    Alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, spirits etc) – 3.58%
    Art objects – 2.52%

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