Owning Your Own eCommerce Shop and Domain

Are you thinking of creating your own eCommerce shop to sell products or services online? Are you confused about what the best ecommerce shop solution will be for your specific market, would you host your products or service's with an ecommerce hosting provider or would you purchase your own domain?

Advantages of owning your own e-store and domain:

  • Here are some advantages to hosting your own domain name and shop.
  • You have control over your own shop and can update your products and change prices yourself.
  • By owning a first level domain like www.myshop.co.za any marketing efforts you embark on will improve your websites credibility in the search engines.
  • There is no monthly costs to have someone else update and manage your online shop.
  • One big advantage is that you would be able to compete with traditional retail as your running costs is far less.
  • Access to detailed reports of website visitors on website.
  • Easier to achieve better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on a first level domain.

Dis-advantages having your e-store hosted by an e commerce service provider:

  • No control over update's and to manage the administration part of your website.
  • The ecommerce provider do the changes for a fee.
  • The ecommerce provider supply you an 2nd level domain like www.providername/myshop.co.za these sub-domain do not rank high with search engines.
  • There would be monthly hosting fees and you do not have control on different 3rd party plugins to improve your shops functionality.
  • Access to detail report on website stats will only be visible with 3rd party analytics websites.
  • SEO will not be affective on 2nd level domains.

Online shopping will soon replace traditional niche shops for an convenient shopping experience, where an online shop can service the whole world and not just an geographical area. When you realize that a website is a virtual real-estate and grow in ranking and credibility with search engines.

Why not choose an solution that would be able to grow as your business grow without being limited to update your website.

Last modified onThursday, 25 May 2017 17:38